Top 5 questions every salesperson should know

Tarek Chelaifa Senior Manager at GSMA

“It’s not about horse-riding sales it’s about understanding the product!” |Tarek chelaifa

Does the product sell itself?

They sell themselves when they’re much more than just the product they become an identity, community, a way of living. For instance, if you want to be faster, more energetic you will probably think about Red Bull. If you are a designer, and you would like to purchase the best tool that can help you, Apple will pop up in your mind. So, here we are talking about the brand, but even when these brands are selling themselves they can be outdated. For example, I remember when I was a kid Nokia was the best product, and 💥 the iPhone introduced her first phone into the market look what happened to Nokia! Eventually, products don’t really sell themselves it’s the identity behind it, the brand, it’s what people think about you and that’s what you have to maintain and try to boost it

Is the sales process the same for early-stage startups?

When you first start, you’re probably in a small organization with two or three other people. The CEO or founder is most likely the first salesperson. Your initial objective should be to find your first customer. When you find it, and they let you solve their problem, you’ve achieved your first goal because you’re learning from it. You are gaining knowledge more and more about how they’re using your product, how their business works, and how their organization works. As a result, you can create new solutions based on that product, improve its features, and address the most important issues. Also, make sure you maintain that customer, and that they are recommending you to another business similar to them. Another critical point is to be present on social media. Go to a website and say, “I sold the solution to this guy, and it helped him to do this and that: “20 percent faster leads,” “Generated x amount of money.” Then go to another customer who has the same problem as the previous one, tell him how you helped them, and so on. This is kind of a cycle 🔁 similar to what you could call a Lean startup cycle of “build” “measure” and “learn”. Sales are the same thing from pre-sales to customer engagement to understanding and reiterating. Once you did the sales you are learning from it, and you are going back again and again.

Can you describe to us your first closed deal?

I think my first deal is when I wanted to get my parents to buy me a Nintendo 64 🎮

They didn’t want to buy it at first, so I told them Nintendo is a very good game because you can play different games with different cartridges, you can listen to music with it, which is not true, and you can watch movies, which is also not true 😅. However, when the PlayStation 2 was released. I informed them that I had made a mistake and that the PS2 can play DVDs, as well as the super cool staff… That was, I believe, my first deal 🤝.

In a more professional context, That took a long time for me to accomplish. I had to go through a lot of steps to learn. I made numerous phone calls. Furthermore, I actually learned how to call as one of the first steps in my internship, I had a database of 300 contacts and I would contact 300 people, I do like 50 calls per day and I had a week to do all 300, and sometimes people wouldn’t answer, so I had to try again and again. By experience, you know the tricks about every phone call, how to save more time, and get more leads. My best deal was around 800 thousand dollars from selling bed linen to big hotels and restaurants like four seasons.

What kind of challenges that we might face in sales?

The most difficult challenge for me is constantly learning; don’t tell me that “I’m the best in sales or that I’ve closed x or y deals, so I don’t need to learn.” For me, I have 8 years of experience, but even in Skills 21, I’m still learning new things, and I’ve read a lot of books about self-development and influencers. Blinkist is a really cool app for learning new things.

How to fix a price for my product?

Well, fixing a price can be more complicated. There are numerous methods for determining prices.

  1. Try to measure the impact that you are doing, and how you are helping the customers.
  2. Get references, testimonials because it gives you more credibility.
  3. Look at how much it costs you to build the product and the profit that you want to generate.
  • The most important thing is to focus on the problem and create the right solution for it. Companies that are aware of the big problem they solved don’t care about how much price they will give.
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